David Quinlan, Programs Director, Success Engagement at Fujitsu, made the move from a Defence career to civilian life nearly ten years ago and has not looked back. In the next of our series of interviews, David tells us about his career history prior to joining the business, making the transition from life in the military to one as a civilian and how working at Fujitsu has had a positive impact on his working and personal life. Read his story below:

David Quinlan defence

“I have worked for Fujitsu coming up on 10 years and in a variety of roles within the government vertical, specifically within Defence. Starting off in the business as an Operations Manager (Service Delivery) to my current role as a Programs Director, Success Engagement in Defence, I manage three portfolios including IT service management, military platform integration and Defence joint simulation development. I never have two days the same, which is the beauty of my role, some of the key tasks involve portfolio management and trying to address the traditional ways of managing projects.

“Prior to joining Fujitsu, I worked within the Defence Forces, based in the Network Operations Centre in Canberra, and I had responsibility for managing the communications to support all Australian military operations.

Whilst some people experience quite a challenging transition from life in the Defence Forces to one as a civilian, I have to say my experience was very relaxed. I had a clear two-year transition program, which I followed closely and thankfully it went according to plan. In addition, the first manager I had at Fujitsu took the time to go through everything thoroughly and manage my expectations. When I left Defence, like many others in my position, I was keen to reduce working my overall hours, have more flexibility with less travel, more stability and ultimately take more control of my life. I am happy to say that Fujitsu has enabled me to do all of those things.

I love working at Fujitsu because of the people – there is a really strong working dynamic and sense of community. In terms of my role, I have been able to draw on my experience and knowledge of Defence, which has aided me greatly in developing and progressing within the business and industry. I also love the quality of life I now have, striking the perfect balance between completing all my work and meeting deliverables, while having personal time to spend with my family, play veteran’s hockey and also continue my association with Defence as an active reservist.” – David Quinlan.

Fujitsu Oceania actively supports the recruitment of ex-Defence members with security clearances, and aims to provide a supportive work environment which alleviates the pressures of transitioning from Defence into normal civilian life. For more information on careers within Fujitsu Oceania, please visit Fujitsu Careers.