Pentagon Commences Sexual Assault Awareness And Prevention MonthTransitioning from a military career to civilian life can be a daunting prospect, however people like Samantha Anderson, Services Manager at Fujitsu, can prove that career progression can continue across employers.  Samantha’s story is the first of a series of interviews we will feature showing how people have made a successful transition with positive impacts on their working and personal lives. Read Samantha’s story below:

I have been with Fujitsu for over 6 years, starting out in 2010 as a Systems Integrator, I have had several roles within the business to the one which I’m currently in, Services Manager for defence contracts. Prior to joining Fujitsu, I worked in BEA systems and served as a systems administrator within the Australian Defence Forces for 10 years. I was based in several locations during this time including Sydney, Toowoomba in Queensland and Darwin.

Moving from a career in the Defence Forces to one in ICT didn’t come without its challenges. There are stark differences between the business and military worlds. That being said, most of my transitioning was done with BEA systems, so joining Fujitsu was a much easier experience, coupled with the fact that my work involves contracting into defence makes it more comfortable for me. The thing I most enjoy about working for Fujitsu is career development and the opportunities for promotion I have been given, all within a relatively short space of time. Hard work is recognised and rewarded within the business. In my role itself, I love the variety it brings, meeting new people, travelling to various locations across ACT and working with my fantastic team of staff day and daily.

My advice for anyone considering a move from a defence career to one in Fujitsu would be to take the leap. Moving to a company who works closely, with and understands Defence makes it all a much easier and less daunting experience. It also helps when there are other employees who have made the move that you can relate to. Since joining Fujitsu my work life balance has been restored, working a normal 35-40 hour week enables me to spend quality time with my family and I’ve recently got back to the gym too.

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  1. After a 17 year Army career where I finished up as a Workshop Manager (but couldn’t Translate to that back then); I wrote a smashing mil-speak resume that no ‘normal’ civilian manager or recruiter could understand. I then had a fantastic ex army mate who was now a recruiter, turn the whole thing around for me. Suddenly, the telephone started ringing. People wanted to interview me!
    In a role such as a team leader /Corporal, you manage to a significantly high level that simply isn’t present in the civilian world. Civilians go home each day. You don’t co-ordinate and manage food, ammunition, water and accommodation for them … You don’t co-ordinate a 24 hour roster to attempt to ensure they get some sleep and downtime whilst riding a massively frantic battle tempo! You deserve a great shot at a rewarding job in the civilian world. Do yourself a favor and get your resume translated into civi-speak. Sell all of those fantastic Defence qualities such as reliability, punctuality and professionalism. Because they’re NOT ‘old School’; they’re relevant.

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