Thought leadership, Innovation and the Internet of Things feature at Fujitsu World Tour 2015 in Melbourne


With Fujitsu World Tour 2015 only a month away, we are excited that our program is shaping up to be one of the most informative we will see in this part of the world this year.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect this year:

Thought leadership
If keeping up with your peers, or ahead of your competitors is a priority for you, you won’t be disappointed in the selection of thought leaders we have assembled for you this year in Melbourne.

  • Dr. Joseph Reger – Fujitsu’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the European region will deliver our Keynote focussed on ‘Human Centric Innovation’. This is all about developing and designing technology and solutions with the human being as the central focus. A renowned industry expert and visionary, Dr Reger is recognised for his ability to understand and predict the IT trends that will most impact the future of business.
  • Dr. Alex Bazin – Fujitsu’s Global Head of Market and Technology Services will deliver a keynote focussed on the the Internet of Things and how growing digitalisation will have an impact on our day-to-day lives. In this role, he leads a global team of technology and market specialists who support the globalisation of Fujitsu intellectual property and promote Fujitsu’s position as a business and social innovator.
  • David Gentle – Fujitsu’s resident futurist will provide a look into the future of ICT. As Global Director of Foresight and Planning for Fujitsu, David helps to shape the development of Fujtisu’s portfolio to ensure it aligns with the demands and possibilities of the future market. David is also the author of a best-selling book and editor of Fujitsu’s Technology Perspectives thought leadership platform.

International examples of best practice
Fujitsu World Tour is an international event and we will be bringing you insights and examples of best practice from around the world.

  • Stephanie Kirkland – Director General of Citizenship and Immigration Canada will be presenting a case study on how the use of biometrics greatly improved real-time data exchange between government bodies to reduce costs and streamline the processing of Canadian visa applications for foreign nationals. This is a great example of technology solving a real-world problem.

The latest innovations from our labs
Fujitsu World Tour is all about Human Centric Innovation and we have assembled some great examples of innovative technologies that you can see in real life. Some of the unique technology innovations we will be demonstrating include:

  •  FEELythm – A wearable sensor to promote safer driving. Human Centric Innovation in action to promote overall safer driving practices. This technology detects when a driver is drowsy and notifies on-board devices and fleet management systems.
  • LED light technology – improves the ‘connectedness’ of everyday objects Embeds identification data in light cast by LEDs onto an object so that data about the object can be captured by a smart phone or other smart device.
  • The haptic tablet – allows you to feel objects as well as see them. Uses ultrasonic vibration to convey texture, so you can actually feel the scales of a crocodile on screen and it feels rough to touch. Coming back this year after rave reviews last year.
  • PalmSecure – a unique biometric identification system that authenticates users based on palm vein pattern recognition. This is being used in a number of authentication applications – thousands of bank ATMs in Brazil included.

Technology showcase
We will feature one of the region’s most comprehensive technology exhibitions, with technology from Fujitsu and our partners. Experts will be on hand to discuss how technology can be applied to meet your unique business needs.

If you are in any way involved in setting the technology direction for your organisation, you can’t afford to miss this valuable business event. For more about the event, visit the Fujitsu World Tour 2015 website, where you will find the latest agenda, speakers and registration details.

Fujitsu World Tour 2015 is coming to Melbourne!


Fujitsu today announces the 2015 Fujitsu World Tour international roadshow under the theme ‘Human Centric Innovation’ is coming to Melbourne on Thursday 28 May. With 10,000 expected visitors in 19 locations, Fujitsu World Tour is one of the largest world-wide ICT roadshows where Fujitsu demonstrates how businesses can continue to find innovative ways to leverage ICT in a world where the way we live and work is continually changing.

Fujitsu has assembled an extensive line-up of international and regional speakers to deliver thought-provoking keynotes and strategic perspectives into technology innovation. The compelling and content-rich program will provide insight into some of the hottest topics in the industry. Dr Joseph Reger, Chief Technology Officer, Global Delivery will present a keynote about driving innovation in how we work and live; Dr Alex Bazin, Head of Market and Technology Services at Fujitsu will provide an insight into emerging technologies and the Internet of Things; and David Gentle, Fujitsu’s Director of Foresight and Planning will provide a glimpse of what we can expect in the future of ICT.

Other topics to be delivered by leading technology vendors including Symantec, Intel, Citrix, Microsoft and Rocket Software include ‘Strategies to control risk while driving growth’, ‘Reshaping Enterprise Mobility’, ‘Modernisation Made Easy’ and ‘Technologies to Transform Business IT’. Local and international customers will also share their experiences in implementing innovative solutions with best practice ICT.

As part of the World Tour, Fujitsu will host one of the region’s most comprehensive technology exhibitions, with a look into its latest innovations in research and development. There will also be numerous opportunities throughout the day to network with other ICT and business leaders.

Mike Foster, Chief Executive Officer of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand, said: “As a result of the positive feedback we received from our customers and the industry from last year’s event in Sydney, we have secured our place on this year’s program. As it is part of a multi-city event, the World Tour is an excellent opportunity to share Fujitsu’s global thought leadership and innovation with our customers and partners in this region. This snapshot into the future is a powerful and exciting opportunity for ICT strategists to get ahead of the cycle.”

To find out more information about this event please visit the Fujitsu World Tour 2015 website.