Customer Service Focus reaps rewards

Some time ago John Schumacher posted an article about Creating Customer Service from the Ground Up – Not just an afterthought, embed it into the culture. In his post he spoke about Fujitsu’s ROC programme, which is based on the principles of Responsiveness, Ownership and Communication.

Fujitsu wins Paragon Award for Innovation ExcellenceWe are pleased to say that this week Fujitsu was presented with the Service Provider Innovation Excellence Award at the ISG Awards in Sydney.  The Award was in recognition of the great work the Fujitsu Managed Services team has done with the ROC Programme. This continues a run of external recognition for this excellent programme including at the ITSMFA Awards, Customer Service Institute Awards and LearnX Awards.

 If you would like to find out more about the ROC programme, view this video.

Creating customer service from the ground up – Not just an afterthought, embed it into the culture

John Schumacher is GM Service Support for Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand. John has been a key driver behind the transformation of Fujitsu’s Service Support organisation, which has recently won a number of awards for service excellence. We asked John to give some insight into how to create excellence in customer service…

Where does customer service start, and where does it stop?
It has to start with an aligned view on what constitutes Service.  This is formed through understanding how customers and other parts of your organisation see you and your outcomes.   What perception do people have of your service?  And does that equate to what your staff see as representative of their efforts?

It starts with culture…
This is where the journey on Customer Service started for me.  In the true sense – a Service Culture.  A Service Culture has to galvanise everyone – their actions, their language, the way they respond to emails, what they live and breathe,  when they see a demonstration of Service its recognised and reinforced as the right practice/behaviour/action.

After my first two months in my current role I reviewed as much feedback as I could get my hands on.  I wanted to get an understanding of what people thought of my team, our services and the value we bring to the table.  This is where everyone must start.   I categorised the feedback into three main categories: Responsiveness, Ownership and Communication (ROC).  And presented the findings to every team within Service Support (450 staff at the time across Australia and NZ).   I simply presented the intent of ROC as a value set and established working groups and competitions to get the elements we needed in place as part of a bigger Foundation of Service Delivery framework.   The response I got when presenting the feedback was overwhelming support and a willingness to change the perception of our peer groups, the account teams and ultimately the customer. Continue reading