Why flash is the future of business.



How companies operate, make decisions and serve customers is quickly moving towards a model where speed is an essential element to getting an edge on competitors. This focus on being faster, alongside the rise of big data and the cloud, is making storage a crucial factor in accelerating business.

The operations vital to keeping your enterprise humming are becoming more and more demanding, thanks to the huge growth in data and the increasing usage of this data for applications and business intelligence. That increased demand is putting more pressure on databases to perform.

When it comes to achieving better performance, forget about completely replacing or rebuilding existing systems because these options are expensive and difficult to undertake. The solution lies in smarter usage and adding to existing infrastructure: enter flash storage.

For years disk storage has been the norm for companies but now flash has been significantly enhanced to cope with the pressures of enterprise systems. Compression and deduplication features have made the cost of flash much more competitive and flash storage systems now boast failure rates below those for disk storage.

When flash is enterprise grade, it can reach its full potential, providing lower latency and higher density than traditional hard disk storage solutions, which means you’ll not only get higher speeds, you’ll also fit more capacity into a smaller footprint and save on costs. Storage options like NetApp® All Flash FAS enable you to run database applications up to 20-times faster than disk storage and accelerate the speed of your business for better overall business results.

With NetApp® All Flash FAS you can:

  • Respond to business opportunities in real time
  • Get those inefficient applications running like new again
  • Harness the power of agile development

Fujitsu New Zealand is the premier NetApp System Services Certified Partner (SSCP) in NZ, providing professionally-delivered, comprehensive support for critical NetApp® infrastructure. Our consulting expertise helps you take full advantage of all of the product features and benefits necessary for your environment. With our assistance, not only does your NetApp infrastructure run smoothly, it’s optimised for performance.

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Launch of new unified storage – ETERNUS







Fujitsu is about to announce some exciting new developments in its ETERNUS storage range. With the benefit of over 50 years of development, the new range reduces complexity and adds seamless scalability to handle ever-increasing data volumes.

In a move to ever more business centric computing, Fujitsu’s ETERNUS storage has combined leading performance architecture with automated quality of service management. This fullfills the goals of aligning storage resources to business priorities and enabling very high system utilization. In  practice the latest ETERNUS DX S3 models enable consolidation of SAN and NAS in the same storage unit, from entry level to high-end systems – with seamless growth across the storage model family. It means great Return on Investment as nothing needs to be thrown away and planning for the future is as simple as a disk upgrade.  

More information is available at  au.fujitsu.com/eternus

Fujitsu partners and customers are welcome to attend one of two launch events:

Melbourne – Wednesday 26th Feb. 6.00pm – 9.00pm  
Sydney – Wednesday 5th March 6.00pm-9.00pm

If you are interested in attending please contact daniel.campbell@au.fujitsu.com for more information.   Please note that space is limited.