Profiling our SELECT Partners: PowerNET

Daniel Williams

‘Coach and skipper’ leads PowerNET helm: Williams Helps forge new ties with Fujitsu

This is the first of a series of articles we will publish profiling our successful channel partners. For the first profile we are covering our SELECT Partner PowerNET. This article is reproduced from the Fujitsu Channel Newsletter from an interview with PowerNET Director Daniel Williams.


PowerNET first signed with Fujitsu in 2014 and quickly became Fujitsu’s largest SELECT Expert Partner. This partnership has allowed both Fujitsu and PowerNET to grow rapidly and  to build a strong foundation where we are able to work together to improve and evolve.

As a teenager, he was the go-to-kid for computer support, guidance and inspiration to friends, family and neighbours – a trend that continues today in the professional life of PowerNET director Daniel Williams.
Williams fondly remembers his early days.  “Being a child of the ‘80s where computers were the in-thing I begged my parents to get me one; I used to love going to the neighbour’s place to play with their personal computer,” Williams said, explaining how his father’s fascination with pulling apart chainsaws and lawnmowers also sparked his interest in tinkering with technology.

“With my father’s knowledge as a small motors and diesel mechanic, as a kid I used to always watch him pull apart motors and put them back together. I transferred the interest in my father into pulling apart computers and became, as a teenager, the neighbourhood go-to if your computer wasn’t working.”
Certainly, big things have come from the Moonee Ponds suburban go-to-kid. Over the past decade, Williams has risen to the top of the PowerNET corporate ladder at the tender age of 33 thanks to his constant hard work and dogged determination. He has worn many hats including technical manager, national business development manager, general manager, head of service delivery and director.

Founded in 1994, PowerNET IT Solutions has grown from four employees in 2004 to 50 today. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland, it offers a range of solutions and services from security and monitoring, mobility, internet and communications, server and networks, hosting, Cloud, as well as business intelligence for consulting, delivering projects and strategy development.

Over the years, Williams has helped clinch customers across many verticals including health, retail, real estate and transport from Swisse Wellness to Barry Plant Real Estate to Peter Sheppard Footwear to Ventura Bus Lines – and he takes pride in the fact the company still maintains a relationship with its very first client, Frankston Anaesthetic Services.

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What do Helsinki and Stockholm have in common with Melbourne?

Fujitsu World Tour 2015 Helsinki

Fujitsu World Tour 2015 Helsinki

Fujitsu World Tour 2015 Stockholm
Fujitsu World Tour 2015 Stockholm







What DO they have in common?

They are all stops on this year’s Fujitsu World Tour.  With only two weeks to go before the Melbourne event, we would like to share with you some footage from the events held so far. The Fujitsu World Tour 2015 started in Helsinki, Finland and then moved on to Stockholm, Sweden.

As you can see from the videos, we are setting up for a feature-packed program including international thought leaders, innovative technology delivering one of the region’s most comprehensive technology exhibitions.

The theme of this year’s event is Human Centric Innovation, which focuses on how technology can impact the way we live and work in an increasingly hyperconnected world.

If you are in any way responsible for contributing to your organisation’s ICT strategy, this conference will provide some valuable insight into what to expect over the next few years.  Our international thought leaders will present their insights on topics such as The Internet of Things and also give you a glimpse into The Future of ICT.

So if you are interested in finding out how ICT will impact the way we live and work, register now as there are limited places available for this exciting event.

Thought leadership, Innovation and the Internet of Things feature at Fujitsu World Tour 2015 in Melbourne


With Fujitsu World Tour 2015 only a month away, we are excited that our program is shaping up to be one of the most informative we will see in this part of the world this year.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect this year:

Thought leadership
If keeping up with your peers, or ahead of your competitors is a priority for you, you won’t be disappointed in the selection of thought leaders we have assembled for you this year in Melbourne.

  • Dr. Joseph Reger – Fujitsu’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the European region will deliver our Keynote focussed on ‘Human Centric Innovation’. This is all about developing and designing technology and solutions with the human being as the central focus. A renowned industry expert and visionary, Dr Reger is recognised for his ability to understand and predict the IT trends that will most impact the future of business.
  • Dr. Alex Bazin – Fujitsu’s Global Head of Market and Technology Services will deliver a keynote focussed on the the Internet of Things and how growing digitalisation will have an impact on our day-to-day lives. In this role, he leads a global team of technology and market specialists who support the globalisation of Fujitsu intellectual property and promote Fujitsu’s position as a business and social innovator.
  • David Gentle – Fujitsu’s resident futurist will provide a look into the future of ICT. As Global Director of Foresight and Planning for Fujitsu, David helps to shape the development of Fujtisu’s portfolio to ensure it aligns with the demands and possibilities of the future market. David is also the author of a best-selling book and editor of Fujitsu’s Technology Perspectives thought leadership platform.

International examples of best practice
Fujitsu World Tour is an international event and we will be bringing you insights and examples of best practice from around the world.

  • Stephanie Kirkland – Director General of Citizenship and Immigration Canada will be presenting a case study on how the use of biometrics greatly improved real-time data exchange between government bodies to reduce costs and streamline the processing of Canadian visa applications for foreign nationals. This is a great example of technology solving a real-world problem.

The latest innovations from our labs
Fujitsu World Tour is all about Human Centric Innovation and we have assembled some great examples of innovative technologies that you can see in real life. Some of the unique technology innovations we will be demonstrating include:

  •  FEELythm – A wearable sensor to promote safer driving. Human Centric Innovation in action to promote overall safer driving practices. This technology detects when a driver is drowsy and notifies on-board devices and fleet management systems.
  • LED light technology – improves the ‘connectedness’ of everyday objects Embeds identification data in light cast by LEDs onto an object so that data about the object can be captured by a smart phone or other smart device.
  • The haptic tablet – allows you to feel objects as well as see them. Uses ultrasonic vibration to convey texture, so you can actually feel the scales of a crocodile on screen and it feels rough to touch. Coming back this year after rave reviews last year.
  • PalmSecure – a unique biometric identification system that authenticates users based on palm vein pattern recognition. This is being used in a number of authentication applications – thousands of bank ATMs in Brazil included.

Technology showcase
We will feature one of the region’s most comprehensive technology exhibitions, with technology from Fujitsu and our partners. Experts will be on hand to discuss how technology can be applied to meet your unique business needs.

If you are in any way involved in setting the technology direction for your organisation, you can’t afford to miss this valuable business event. For more about the event, visit the Fujitsu World Tour 2015 website, where you will find the latest agenda, speakers and registration details.

Fujitsu World Tour 2015 is coming to Melbourne!


Fujitsu today announces the 2015 Fujitsu World Tour international roadshow under the theme ‘Human Centric Innovation’ is coming to Melbourne on Thursday 28 May. With 10,000 expected visitors in 19 locations, Fujitsu World Tour is one of the largest world-wide ICT roadshows where Fujitsu demonstrates how businesses can continue to find innovative ways to leverage ICT in a world where the way we live and work is continually changing.

Fujitsu has assembled an extensive line-up of international and regional speakers to deliver thought-provoking keynotes and strategic perspectives into technology innovation. The compelling and content-rich program will provide insight into some of the hottest topics in the industry. Dr Joseph Reger, Chief Technology Officer, Global Delivery will present a keynote about driving innovation in how we work and live; Dr Alex Bazin, Head of Market and Technology Services at Fujitsu will provide an insight into emerging technologies and the Internet of Things; and David Gentle, Fujitsu’s Director of Foresight and Planning will provide a glimpse of what we can expect in the future of ICT.

Other topics to be delivered by leading technology vendors including Symantec, Intel, Citrix, Microsoft and Rocket Software include ‘Strategies to control risk while driving growth’, ‘Reshaping Enterprise Mobility’, ‘Modernisation Made Easy’ and ‘Technologies to Transform Business IT’. Local and international customers will also share their experiences in implementing innovative solutions with best practice ICT.

As part of the World Tour, Fujitsu will host one of the region’s most comprehensive technology exhibitions, with a look into its latest innovations in research and development. There will also be numerous opportunities throughout the day to network with other ICT and business leaders.

Mike Foster, Chief Executive Officer of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand, said: “As a result of the positive feedback we received from our customers and the industry from last year’s event in Sydney, we have secured our place on this year’s program. As it is part of a multi-city event, the World Tour is an excellent opportunity to share Fujitsu’s global thought leadership and innovation with our customers and partners in this region. This snapshot into the future is a powerful and exciting opportunity for ICT strategists to get ahead of the cycle.”

To find out more information about this event please visit the Fujitsu World Tour 2015 website.



Five reasons to host SAP in the Cloud with Fujitsu


Following excellent feedback received from our customers in Europe and Asia, we have now officially launched Fujitsu Cloud for SAP in Australia.  Here are five great reasons for hosting your SAP production workloads in the Fujitsu Cloud:

  1. Reduce the complexity of running a SAP-based business. Fujitsu Cloud for SAP provides a unified platform for running both classic SAP workloads as well as SAP HANA.  As all future SAP applications will be based on SAP HANA, our solution gives you the ability to move to HANA at your own pace.
  2. Avoid expensive capital outlays.  Fujitsu Cloud for SAP addresses the challenge of high infrastructure costs and lowering the entry barriers to adopt HANA in-memory technology.
  3. Purpose-built for SAP. Fujitsu Cloud for SAP is built on Fujitsu’s own IP – Fujitsu FlexFrame Orchestrator, a powerful management solution with built-in ‘smarts’ to dynamically manage and automate the full SAP environment, delivering high availability to 24/7 SLAs and reduced TCO.
  4. Know your data is safe, onshore and secure. Fujitsu Cloud for SAP is hosted on Fujitsu’s Private Cloud Platform in our secure, highly available Australian data centres.
  5. A single point of responsibility. Our platform is 100% Fujitsu owned and managed –  including data centres, managed services, hardware and SAP application support – one partner.

We are excited about Fujitsu Cloud for SAP and we would love to share our excitement with you. Contact us to arrange a time for a chat about how your SAP environment can provide better business value hosted in the Fujitsu Cloud.   For more information revisit the SAP page on the Fujitsu website and download the Fujitsu Cloud for SAP brochure.

To speak to one of our dedicated SAP Consultants call Mark Lipton, one of our dedicated SAP Consultants on 03 9924 3027 or email

Sustainability: The business imperative. Interview with Alison Rowe.


Summary of article featured in I-CIO

In this interview, Alison Rowe, global executive director sustainability at Fujitsu, talks to about the leadership approaches and technology investments required to make sustainability part of the corporate DNA.

Alison expresses her view that sustainability is integral to a business – not a separate element and that ICT has the capacity to “help build a safer, more prosperous and sustainable society, where knowledge is continually harnessed and people are empowered to innovate. We call this vision a Human Centric Intelligent Society.”

For global organisations, such as Fujitsu, Alison offers practical insight; “At Fujitsu, we have a global sustainability board that brings different parts of Fujitsu together to look at the business plan and understand the different market drivers across our geographies. That diversity of approach works providing there’s common alignment in what we’re doing, what it means, the language we’re using and how we report it.”

Read the complete article here.

The digital forces reshaping business and society


In this video from, MIT’s Erik Brynjolfsson discusses how the ‘second machine age’ will surpass the Industrial Revolution in its impact on our lives and economies – with digital technology as the catalyst.

He compares the first Industrial Revolution – when humans removed the limitations of physical muscles and we first harnessed the steam engine – to the second machine age where new digital technologies – including cloud, big data and artificial intelligence are driving growth at exponential growth.

If you are interested in receiving throught leadership and insights from I-CIO on a regular basis please contact us on

Insights Quarterly – Focus on Applications and Security in Australia

 Applications and Security













The latest edition of Insights Quarterly, a joint research initiative between Fujitsu and Microsoft, focuses on the much discussed topic of Application Security. The research, which is the result of surveying over 100 Australian CIOs confirms that security is no longer a second-level issue for CIOs – it is now well and truly top of mind. This concern is largely in the light of increased mobility.  Many organisations are having trouble addressing security issues and accommodating requirements such as support for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies.

Interestingly, despite strong concerns about all aspects of security, many user organisations are having difficulty addressing the issues. This is often because security only becomes a pressing concern once systems are compromised, and because many classes of security threats are comparatively new and there is a low level of awareness about how to deal with them.

Other findings of the report are that cloud computing is now considered ‘mainstream’, applications are migrating very quickly to mobile platforms and the cloud, and packaged software is becoming the norm.

The research is published on the Insights Quarterly Website:, which contains the current and past reports as well as supporting research notes and PowerPoint presentations.

It’s shopping Jim, but not as we know it!

This article reproduced from a paper by David Concordel, Senior Vice President Global Retail, Fujitsu.

David Concordel

David Concordel, Senior Vice President Global Retail, Fujitsu

Customer, shop, merchandise, transaction – that’s all there is to it. Shopping – in simple terms – has changed little in two thousand years. However, on closer inspection, the shopping ‘process’ is undergoing a fundamental transformation for customers, retailers and their suppliers. Says Fujitsu’s David Concordel, in the new omni-channel world of shopping – where customers can buy online or via a smart phone and pick up their order in store or have it delivered – retailers will be re-engineering their shopping process in 2014 and beyond to drive future revenues and ensure their business continuity.

“In 2014, fast-followers will chase the 50 global retailers already transforming store, mobile, and ecommerce channels, supply chains, merchandizing, and marketing for the omni-channel customer experience.” This is the #1 prediction made in December 2013 for the global retail sector this year from IDC Retail Insights. It also has the most immediate and arguably the highest impact of IDC’s 10 predictions, in terms of the cost and complexity involved in addressing the issue across every retailer’s entire business.

Analysts are inventing new labels every day – multi-channel, omni-channel, ‘stop-start’ shopping and clienteling – to try to describe what is happening in few words. Fujitsu sees it from the customer’s point of view. There is only one shopping channel – ‘my channel’ – and retailers need to operate their businesses in response to how every customer chooses to shop with them. The store no longer has walls, shopping is ‘everywhere.’ Retailers need to rethink how they set up shop.

New customer-centric operating models, underpinned by new IT architectures, data models and business processes, need to evolve in response to the changes we are experiencing today. Bolting on click ‘n’ collect services to a store model, manually sharing stock across physical and virtual stores, responding to shopper behavior overnight rather than real time – these are no longer viable. A fundamentally new approach is required that will help the ‘fast-followers’ to catch up with the best of the rest.

Customers want ‘old world’ service in a ‘new world’ environment

Technology is driving change not because it appeals to the latent ‘geek’ mentality among the world’s shoppers. This isn’t a Big Bang Theory retailing trend. Technology – primarily the smart phone – is driving change because it is helping customers rediscover a more intimate, personalized and ‘in control’ shopping experience. Revolution is about returning to a bygone age. Customers want the one-on-one personal service, reminiscent of the ‘mom ‘n’ pop’ shops of 50s America, but they want it re-presented and re-delivered for a modern technological age. This may or may not involve human intervention. Continue reading

Canon in the Cloud – Proudly powered by Fujitsu

canon-fujitsu-signingLast week Canon Australia and Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand announced a partnership to host Canon’s ‘Therefore Online’ workflow and document management software on Fujitsu’s Trusted Public S5 Cloud Platform. Therefore Online is an extension of Canon’s ‘Therefore’ software platform, which is designed to provide an ‘electronic filing cabinet’ across various sources of information including paper documents, electronic files, barcodes, email, internet forms and XML files.
Therefore Online is the first of Canon Australia’s applications to be hosted in the cloud, and will pave the way for a new suite of cloud-based offerings that will allow the delivery of the applications to consumers on a cost-effective subscription model. Originally targeted at the small to medium business (SMB) market, the platform is scalable to organisations of all sizes.
For more information please see the Press Release.